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Boys Girls

On the wall is a painted mural of a dragon reading to children in a tree house.

Under the painting, a group of children play with Russian nesting dolls, carefully placing the smallest doll inside of the largest. Beside them a little girl uses the tip of her shoe to point to her state on a giant carpet map of the U.S.

These children are enjoying the new library that was dedicated Thursday afternoon at the Joseph F. Walters Boys & Girls Club, which is excited about its new addition.

“The kids are really excited and the number one thing that we’re trying to do here is actually take small steps to improve their attitudes toward reading,” said Mark Mendoza, unit director of the club.

The project took nearly six months to complete. The new library was made possible by United Way of Hall County, Lakeview Academy, J. Clean Nally Educational Fund and First United Methodist Church.

“They played a vital role in the grant we were awarded to create this library,” Chief Professional Officer Steven Mickens said.

Most of the books in the library were donated and the club is happy to accept more donations of children’s books.

Many of the children who attend the club did not learn English as their first language.

“The most important part of our club, for the population that we serve, is the language component,” Mendoza said.

Many of the children at the club struggle to read in English.

“Sometimes they just need someone to be there for them and read to them so they can hear that language. That helps a lot with fluency,” Mendoza said.

The library is a brightly colored space with several shelves filled with books and has a computer lab complete with Hooked on Phonics and other reading comprehension software.

“The library is really going to impact our kids to tap into books, media, resources that they’ve not been able to tap into,” Mickens said.

Mendoza said they will have a lot of activities “to turn reluctant readers into recreational readers.” Special activities will include a parents night, where parents can come in and read to the children, and readers theater, where children can act out a story in the book.

Aijha Ware, 6, said she loves the new library even though she can’t read yet. She said she wants “to read easy books” so she can stay in the library.

Ten-year-old Enoch Johnson and his friends laugh as they finish fitting all of the nesting dolls together. They said they love being in the library.

“It’s big, organized and off the chizzle,” Enoch said.

Mickens said he hopes the children will enjoy the opportunity to increase their reading skills.

“Reading seems to be a lost art with our young kids. So, we want to create an environment in our clubs that will help kids enhance their reading development as well as give them an opportunity to explore and become innovative,” Mickens said.

Russian Dolls

Dostoyevsky’s Russian Dolls: Calendar Girls

As I turned the channel to Lifetime’s Russian Dolls Thursday at 11:30 PM, the ghost of Dostoyevsky entered my body. As his designated spiritual medium, I transcribed his impressions of the show. These are his words.

What are women if not easily quantified by months in the year? This is the question posed in last night’s episode entitled “Calendar Girls.” But alas, life is a fickle mistress full of questions and void of answers. We are left to decide for ourselves how many layers we must peel away to fit the mold of an April or a November. Is it that one only gets 12 chances in a year or, in fact, only 12 chances in life? How is that even possible when one has 4 or 5 dolls maximum inside oneself? One can only guess, can’t one?

“Just because I didn’t open up a modeling school doesn’t mean I don’t know how to pose.”

Says buxom blonde Diana, as she gets her dolls in a row for the Brighton Beach Calendar Girl competition. When pressed for the importance of what seems a simple dress-up show of lies, Diana points out that many women meet their future husbands through this pageantry. A Russian woman must carry currency in the form of her physicality – a face rich in beauty is a ticket to a rich life. We must recognize superficiality as a great equalizer. Much like Diana has had the privilege of launching a modeling school, she may also not have had the privilege of disposable income. But given the chance, she knows how to pose.

Which for a Russian Doll is completely still.

“I know this varicose veins, it’s not the most beautiful thing about me.”

Acknowledges poor Renata. After heralding her “hotter than a 17-year old,” which this author can only presume refers to the assets on her surface and not the body temperature beneath it, Renata’s husband Boris notices her varicose veins with horror and insists she sees a doctor. She has already procured her ticket to a rich life with her rich looks, but her exposed varicose veins expose the precarious instability of her social position. To keep her husband, she cannot keep her dirty, blue, protruding secret any longer.

For a Russian Doll, this is nothing a quick paint job can’t fix.

“I’m not gonna embarrass myself.”

Says princess Anastasia, as she embarrasses herself. Trapped in a beauty salon, subjecting herself to the tortures of the hot iron and scissor blades for a contest she can’t win, the only thing left for Anastasia to do is lay her turmoil at the feet of everyone around her. Or, rather, the flat, circular surface on a Matryoshka doll where feet normally would be. Each week sees Anastasia fly into some kind of a consumptive fever of emotions, undoubtedly a sign of her internal struggle to escape from the good and evil trapping her inside of herself. She must open herself up to free her demons.

Which for a Russian Doll should be as simple as a quick untwisting.

“Girls, everybody has five minutes.”

What a dark statement from the lips of the abused salon owner. Having sustained verbal blow after blow from our tormented Anastasia, the Russian salon owner cannot help but have a bleak outlook of the world. We may have more than 300 seconds, but our time left is short. We can put make up on and take pretty pictures, but we must accept the end is nigh from the moment we are born.
Or in the case of the Russian Doll, from the moment we are first assembled.

“We’re looking for the total package.”

Explains Marina, one of the richest Russian Dolls of all and judge for the Brighton Beach Calendar Girl competition. Quite simply, they’re looking for the full year- not a February/March, not an October – December. The judges want a 365-day girl. But just as we are destined for failure in the eyes of God above, so too are these Russian Dolls attempting to scoot down a makeshift runway. Expectation is inevitable but perfection is unattainable.

Except for a Russian Doll. Who is manufactured.

But isn’t life, as we know it, manufactured? Just look at a calendar.

Russian women

Best slavery, called the marriage dating to an American, begins with the marriage contract, where the set of pages describes what and how much the Russian women does not rely on marriage or after the ceremony or after the divorce is almost inevitable after several difficult years of marriage – to the teeth wall and clenched his fists. Do not save even perfect knowledge of the language. Those who have no English, are just desperate. American laws are on the guardian of the interests of American citizens (and this is right and natural, while for the Russian women who are accustomed to, that Russia’’s laws directed against them, and unusual), but it means – the laws are directed against all non-Americans, including the hapless   Russian women from Russia. One must be very loving Americans to oppose these laws for the benefit of his wife or fiancee, but it is the notion of “loving”, from our point of view, the Americans did not apply – for them to sacrifice just a stranger, as much as Tchaikovsky’’s music is alien to the deaf from birth. And yet, in defiance of all logic, among the so-called international marriages, there are a lot happier. Alternatively, such as at home: not so that everything is perfect, but overall very well.

Free online dating

Free online dating – trend of the past few years that, in general it is not surprising. At least in our ountry.And it is virtual – from on-line role-playing toys, ending specialized sites. It is interesting and fun.However,sometimes free online dating could turn into very real relationship. And it can bring not just a positive feeling – can bring happiness. Including family. But it may bring, and absolutely terrible is appointment. Actually, in this article we try to determine if not the same as to find happiness in life by conquering spaces of the virtual world, at least so as not to be disappointed in the free dating sites in general and humans in particular.First – remember common sense, Russian women and gentlemen. That is, strangely enough, often lacking in virtual communication. But common sense is primarily a clear awareness of one simple fact: the Internet free online dating provides anonymity. And that means anyone can represent anyone. And not necessarily for someone similar to himself .So always remember – until dating virtually – no plans, expectations, assumptions. Sadly can not even be that you get a divorce, but what your head and share a good and honest man who genuinely wanted to talk with you what some uncharacteristic features. But it was enough just ask … And the main thing. If your soul mate no photos – persistently ask for. Not one, not two – it will help make an impression. On the dates in the last century was made to negotiate over the phone. Do not change this tradition, hot girls and gentlemen! If you already thought up to meet with their virtual friends, and the more familiar – persistently try to remove the veil of virtually. Phone call – the most adequate in this sense that way. If you are more or less seriously – then the outcome of not less than serious about your opponent. After all, if you have already agreed to the possibility of a meeting – that you were talking not so little. So you can still easily share pictures and phones. And talk in real life live.