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Peter Andre

Peter Andre Admits He Is Dating More Than One Woman: ‘I’m Having A Bit Of Fun’.

Peter Andre may not have found love after splitting from wife Katie Price in 2009 but he has revealed that he is definitely trying and is dating several women at once.
The ‘Mysterious Girl’ singer revealed that despite being a single dad when it comes to the ladies he is quite the lothario is enjoying having a “bit of fun”.
But don’t expect to hear wedding bells soon as Pete is refusing to commit to just one lady.
“I’m a single guy and having a bit of fun. It’s nothing serious, but I am enjoying myself,” he confessed to New Magazine.
I haven’t committed to anybody but I have been out on different dates with different people.”
When asked just how much action the reality TV star is getting, the 39 year-old decides to leave it up to our imagination but hinted that it was quite a bit.
“I’m a single guy having fun – I mean, I am a man, you know what I mean.” He joked.
Though Pete seems casual about his liaisons their maybe something more serious behind his dating habits as he claimed he “backs off” from commitment.
“I always think I’m ready, but then I think I’m trying too hard, so I back off,” he said.
“My 40th is coming up in nine months and I think I’m meant to be single until I’ve got that out the way, because I’m going to Vegas for five days of craziness.”
Pete’s ex-wife Katie and Leandro Penna are also fans of Sin City, with the busty glamour model returning from a holiday in the sun earlier this week.
But despite getting engaged to the Brazilian model the couple didn’t go for the shot gun wedding, shame!

Heart Evangelista

Heart Evangelista admits dating Sid Lucero.

After breaking up with boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga, actress Heart Evangelista admitted that she is now dating co-star Sid Lucero.
“I’m dating pero hanggang d’un lang. I go out with Sid but only on friendly dates,” Evangelista told The Philippine Star entertainment editor Ricky Lo, weeks after the actress
broke up with her Brazilian boyfriend.
Evangelista is currently doing a television series with Lucero.
For the first time, Evangelista also talked about her breakup with Matsunaga but stressed that there’s no third party involved.
Instead, the actress cited “cultural differences” for the breakup.
She also denied that Matsunaga was receiving “death threats” and that her parents were against their relationship.
“Not true,” Evangelista told Lo. “I’m old enough to decide for myself, to know what I want and what I don’t want, what’s good for me and what’s not good for me.”
Evangelista, however, neither denied nor confirmed report that she simply got fed up of taking care of Matsunaga, who’s four years younger than her.
“Mabait talaga siya, no doubt about it,” she said. “I spent time with his family in Brazil at mababait silang lahat.”
Lo, quoting sources, said the Brazilian model-actor looked up to Evangelista not just as a girlfriend but also as an older sister.
“Daniel is somewhat demanding,” the source told Lo. “He got irritated when Heart would be late in fetching him wherever he was. He needed to be taken care of instead of the other way around. Nagmumukhang yaya tuloy niya si Heart.”
In the interview, which was published on Tuesday, Evangelista also denied issue linking her to senador Francis “Chiz” Escudero, who’s now separated to his wife, Christine Elizabeth “Tintin” Flores.
Until now, Evangelista believes that actor Jericho Rosales is her one true love.
“Talagang si Jericho. Iba talaga ang Pinoy magmahal at mahalin,” she said.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles Dating Emily Atack; One Direction Concert Kicks Off Tonight in Connecticut.

A source told daily Mirror: “They’re perfect for each other, they really are. They’ve been getting to know each other and keeping things quiet but they’re close. Harry has always had a crush on her and hoped he could get it together with her and they eventually did. Everyone hopes they will become an item, but they’re both being realistic. Harry’s about to start a world tour and Emily’s working non-stop.”
Emily Atack is a 22-year-old British actress who currently stars in “Inbetweeners”. She was a contestant on “Dancing on Ice” in 2010 and has been named No 10 in FHM Magazine’s Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World. Two years ago, she had tweeted about Harry Styles before the two got together: “Does Harry from One ­Direction HAVE to be 16?! Let’s pretend he’s 18 at least! Then there would only be One ­Direction he would be going… to the bedroom!”Styles, who is only aged 18, previously spoke of how he likes his girlfriends to wear their lingerie. Rather than white or red lace, he prefers classic black. “I like my girlfriends to wear black lingerie … definitely,” he said. Styles is known to be the biggest flirt in sensational boy band group, which rocketed to fame since Simon Cowell’s X Factor series in 2010.Styles broke up with TV presenter Caroline Flack, 32, earlier this year.One Direction’s USA concert tour kicks off tonight in Connecticut.


Dating Girl: Married co-workers should cool romance, Josey Vogels advises.

Dear Dating Girl: This past fall, a co-worker and I became involved in a passionate affair. We are both (unhappily) married, she with two young children, and I with a baby on the way.
We fell in love with each other and planned to leave our spouses in order to be together. We confessed our infidelity to our spouses; she left her husband and I made preparations to leave my wife. She then changed her mind and decided to return to her husband. She said she couldn’t get past the fact that I had a baby on the way. She felt it was my duty to be a fulltime father to my child and she feared that if we gave our relationship a chance and it didn’t work out, I would resent her for separating me from my child.
We have tried to maintain a friendship without any physical contact, but it has been frustrating. We both feel we’re meant to be together but, because of the baby, she refuses to let this happen. How can I convince her that we should take this opportunity for happiness and give our relationship a chance. How can she admit to feeling that we belong together yet be unwilling to give it a chance?
Not What I Was Expecting
Dear Not: She has explained why she can’t give it a chance: Despite what her heart is telling her, her head is thinking about your child and your role as a father. And I’m going with her head on this one.
Despite your feelings now, having a baby will change the view entirely. And you have no way of predicting what feelings of responsibility it will drum up.
Why not take this woman’s advice and wait to see how things are after baby is born. Even if you can’t offer emotional support, your wife will need your physical support during the first few months. I think you owe at least that to her.
Also, I’d suggest you not only limit your physical contact but also your platonic contact with the other woman through this period. Once things settle into a routine, you and this woman can revisit your situations.
If you are meant to be together, it will eventually work out.
Dear Dating Girl: I have a close girlfriend who is going through a bitter divorce. The other day, a mutual male friend of ours told me he was going to ask this girlfriend out. I think this is a terrible idea because a) my girlfriend isn’t ready to date and b) it’s going to make things really awkward between the three of us if they start dating or even worse, if he asks and she shoots him down.
He got angry at me when I expressed all of this to him and told me to mind my own business. I think this is my business, don’t you? He hasn’t called me since this happened and I’m not sure what to do. I don’t feel the need to apologize. If anything, I think he’s being unreasonable and should apologize to me. What do you think?
Tricky Business
Dear Tricky: And here you were so worried about the fact that him asking your girlfriend out would make things awkward between the three of you. Now, one friend isn’t talking to you and the other doesn’t know that you’re making decisions about her life.
If your girlfriend isn’t ready to date, I’m sure she is capable of letting this guy know. You’re her friend, not her protector. And yes, I do think you should apologize. Tell your male friend that were just feeling protective of your girlfriend. You can’t stop love just because it makes the three of you going to the movies together uncomfortable.

The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette: Emily Maynard begins the dating process.

And so it begins . . .
This season’s Bachelorette Emily Maynard narrowed down the field last week and on Monday night we got to see her start the dating process.
And the first date goes to . . . Ryan.
Emily says she was real nervous because Ryan is so good looking. She took him to her house and had him unload groceries and then help make cookies because she was the snack mom for her daughter Ricki’s soccer team. (Not your usual extravagant date setting as in the past, but that’s what she is is a single mom) As a protective mother, Emily had Ryan wait in the car while she dropped off the snacks – it’s too early in the process for the guys to start meeting her daughter.
It paid off for Ryan he also had a romantic dinner with Emily where they were very playful and seemed to really hit it off. He received the rose.
The next date was a group date with 13 guys where they got to do some performing with some of the Muppets (Kermit, Miss Piggy and Fuzzy were on hand) for a charity dear to Emily’s heart. Jef received the group date rose.
And the last date goes to Joe, who hops in a limo and finds Emily waiting by a private jet to whisk they away to her home state of West Virginia. Joe didn’t seem to be able to answer some of Emily’s questions, and although she really liked Joe she had to part ways with him because she just didn’t see a future with him. Emily was very emotional over this part of the process.
At the rose ceremony Emily has to send two more gents home. Kalan gets the first rose, which really upsets a lot of the guys because he’s not getting along with the house. The two guys no longer seeking Emily’s heart are Aaron and Kyle, neither of which we saw very much of during the first two shows.

Dating Survey

Dating Survey Guy Speaks, Defends Himself Against Creepiness.

Last week, the dating “mistake” that had the Internet cluck-clucking in joyful schadenfreude was the survey sent by a “24-year-old finance guy” to one of his dates. Deadspin called it “creepy.” But now the survey creator, who gave us permission to use his full name, Michael Stolar, is sharing his side of the story.

Stolar’s practice of surveying his dates on his own date performance landed at Deadspin after a woman forwarded it on to Deadspin, and while she did not fill out the survey, she did pass on her review of him: he was “overall moderately attractive” and “a little socially inept…[not] too creepy, just the type of guy who overanalyzes every detail and feels completely awkward in the majority of social situations. It didn’t seem like he got out much.” This little story of a man, a woman, and the aftermath of their four dates went on to be picked up elsewhere, because, as we wrote at the time, “Everything We Do While Dating Is Creepy and Potentially Viral,” and Stolar’s survey fit the bill perfectly. Supposedly “creepy” actions, check. “Finance guy,” a/k/a guy with a career we can hate, check. Embarrassing public disclosure of that which had been intended as private, check. Opportunity for mockery of someone else’s presumed incompetence in the field of dating, which makes the rest of us creeps feel so much better about ourselves, double check. But that’s never the full story.


Stolar emailed The Atlantic Wire the screengrabbed image above as proof that he is the survey sender in question. Of the email, he says, “As you can see it is dripping in sarcasm and I had to apologize in it for fear of coming off as patronizing.” He also expressed his surprise that the story was presented in such “a negative fashion” on Deadspin, and then picked up and spun more wildly at each additional venue. “As the story grew I got a promotion each time it was picked up by a new outlet,” he writes. “It peaked with TIME Business comparing me to Gordon Gecko and the guy from American Psycho. Unreal, right? Considering I don’t work in equity finance and am not nearly approaching the neuroticism of Patrick Bateman (alright maybe true on this one).”

The Time piece to which he refers is titled “The Creepy Dudes of Wall Street: Are Finance Guys Losing Their Mojo on the Dating Scene, Too?” going on to detail the “jaw-dropping tale of Wall Street prattishness” of our survey-giver. Which is what everyone wants to read, right? But what if the survey, which asks questions like “Mike is very self-conscious about his hair, does he have reason to be?” and “How are Mike’s conversation skills? He didn’t talk about himself the whole night…did he?” was not actually serious and was, in fact, a tongue-in-cheek method of seeing who shares his sense of humor and who doesn’t? Mike says it’s also something of an attempt to turn “social norms” on their head. Stolar says he’s sent his survey to six former dates, and has received two responses. “While dating you’re forced to put on all types of fronts and be this very generic person to attempt to garner some attraction. It’s unbearable,” he writes us. “The survey was created to filter out un-date-able women (those, like my date, who do not find it funny), versus women with a sense of humor similar to mine. There’s also the commentary on communication. She and I went on four dates, solely because we thought the other one was interested. In reality neither of us were interested. Why can’t we ask questions like those in my survey? Why do you get labeled as socially inept when you confront an issue or ask for information instead of skirting around it? I could write for pages about all the things wrong and biased with the articles about this stupid, albeit it well written, survey,” he continues. A few of them…


No one fact-checked anything, including where he works.

“I work at an agriculturally focused non-profit, not banking, private equity, or finance,” he says. “I have a finance degree and worked in wholesale lending for 7 months but currently, without getting into details, you could loosely refer to me as working in agricultural export finance. Loosely being the key word here. I’ll assume the finance guy pitch was solely for publicity by my date (which was brilliant).”
That the survey went viral is not about dating but about Wall-Street bashing.

Mike says his survey “gained traction because any opportunity to ridicule Wall Street is seized upon.” He kind of has a point. See also the Time piece, see also dating spreadsheet guy, see also “How to date a Wall Street man.”
What’s so wrong with spreadsheets or “organization” anyway?

“You’re wasting a lot of time if you refuse to learn anything from your experiences by not wanting to be the ‘creepy/nerdy/analytical guy who takes notes,'” says Stolar. “It’s similar to writing in a journal, just exponentially more valuable in terms of future usability and reference.” When the story of “dating spreadsheet guy,” whom he cites as a hero, came out, I talked to a woman who kept her own spreadsheet while online dating. “Out of respect for the likely many people you are in correspondence with when online dating,” she said, “a spreadsheet is a helpful tool for everyone involved,” she said. Just don’t share it with your dates was the caveat.


There’s something of a double standard at work.

Stolar says that “Dating is now presented as women fending off creepy guys searching for the one normal guy out of two dozen ‘creepy finance guys.'” And it’s true, the word “creep” gets thrown around a lot more with regard to men than women, but a lot in general, nowadays. “Here is the reality of my ‘fling’ with this girl,” he writes, “Four dates that, honestly, she kept pushing for although she was clearly looking for something strictly physical, if you know what I mean….Again, without getting into details, she has her own spreadsheet that is kept for, well… health reasons. The next time a woman hears a guy speaking crudely about an ex at a bar, something I would NEVER do, maybe they should consider that it is because of their apparent penchant for attempted public humiliation of their dates?”
Despite the ridicule and the allegations of “creepiness,” Mike says he’ll keep giving out the survey, which he generally hands out in person and not via email: “It came about mostly for fun and sort of as a way to filter out women who will never be interested in me and those who might be. I’m also terrible with women. It can’t possibly hurt the downward spiral that is my dating life,” he says. “My OKCupid now has a link to an article about it…I’m happy to see my 15 minutes of fame coming from a general unwillingness or inability to adhere to social norms.”
Mike and his former date last spoke Friday night, he says, and the two “have exchanged 61 text messages since Thursday morning when I saw [the survey] had gone semi viral. She, initially, seemed disappointed I was not upset,” he writes. “As the story grew we began exchanging texts of where we saw it last. At first I attempted to guilt her into filling the survey out… but to no avail. There was always something disingenuous about her, so that’s why I sent her the email I did along with the survey. I thought something interesting could come of it. She had previously mentioned wanting to write a book about her dating life, however her dating life sounded far too boring to do so. I have not yet addressed her assertion that I am only ‘moderately attractive.'”

Dating disasters

There was an interesting awareness study, done in 1999, called the Invisible Gorilla. In it, participants watched a video of people passing a basketball and were told to count the number of times the ball was passed. During the course of the video a person, dressed in a gorilla suit, wandered amidst the basketball throwers.
Afterwards, the scientists asked the study group if they had noticed anything unusual. As much as 40 per cent failed to see the person in the gorilla suit.
The point of the study was to highlight the fact that many of us are not as good at multitasking as we might like to think. When our attention is honed on one thing, we often fail to see other things even when they’re right before our eyes. This is not a bad thing. It allows us to tune out distractions so that we can focus. It only becomes a problem when we attempt to say drive and text, for example.
It’s an idea that can also apply to relationships. It’s the ‘I only have eyes for you’ aspect of being in love. Which is a beautiful thing. The flip side of it is that when you only have eyes for one person, you don’t see the spectacle of the gorillas. Or if you’re checking out the gorillas, then you drop the ball of your relationship. Or you lose count of your balls (ahem).
So, for anyone who is sad about being single, I would suggest that an upside is getting to see the gorillas. And even meet them, if you’d like.
Since stumbling into the jungle that is singledom a couple of years ago, I’ve met my fair share.
Some of the more fascinating ones include: the guy who had a penchant for floral skirts (for himself) and didn’t want to get into my pants so much as own them; there was the single dad, who was really very nice, but who brought his kid along on the first date. Unusual decision, but one way to cut to the chase. Half way through, with his (very sweet) son sat between us, he put his arm around his kid, and then put his arm around me (around the kid) and asked how I felt about having children. I said I felt a little tired and might need to call it a night.

First date

There was the one who tried to booty call me before the first date; the one who asked if he could move in with me after the first date; the one who, en route to the first date, revealed that he had injured himself as a result of some seriously impressive sexual gymnastics with his ex girlfriend; the one whose screensaver was rotating pictures of himself. And how could I forget the one who shared, somewhat suggestively, that a former girlfriend was a scatlover. For that one, I have no words.
Oh and there was the one who texted at 7.30 to let me know he wouldn’t be there til 8.30 (for the date at 7), then texted again at 8.30 wondering why I wasn’t there and ‘I am here now, can you please come back’… I could go on.
But, tragic as this all might sound, gorillas can be beneficial for a few reasons. Firstly, if they’re anything like the ones above, they will provide your family and friends with much amusement and, of course, emotional states are infectious so when those around you are happy, you’re happy.
Also, the lack of attention on one thing/person can mean being more open to exploring the jungle. You can put more energy into friendships that, within the safety of a relationship, you would not necessarily have the attention or time to cultivate. It can also mean being more spontaneous. With no one else to consider, it’s far easier to say yes to adventures and discover different aspects of yourself.
And taking the time to turn the attention back on yourself is essential for finding your own authenticity and discovering what makes you happy, says Lauren Mackler in Solemate: Master The Art of Aloneness And Transform Your Life.
Instead of wishing some Tarzan (or Jane) would swing in and rescue you from the jungle, she suggests doing things that connect you back to your joy.
“Do something. Do something gratifying. Do something productive. Or do something that truly engages you,” she writes in the Daily Mail.
“By being more active and more positive, you’ll reinforce your new perspective on aloneness and begin to create a new reality … Mastering the art of aloneness is about treating yourself well, and shedding the old beliefs that limit your ability to realise your greatest potential.”
Certainly. Meeting gorillas has given me the pause for thought to consider what I do and don’t want (scatlovers need not apply), so I’ll have no trouble keeping my eye on the ball when the time comes. And in the meantime, whether I revel in the spectacle, play in the jungle with friends or find a sweet spot by myself to get away from it all and reflect, the jungle isn’t such a bad place to be.


Who’s the Sugar Daddy? Controversial dating site comes to London…but only the rich or beautiful need apply (the rest of us aren’t so shallow).

An American dating phenomenon that matches wealthy older men with young women who want a taste of the high life has come to the capital.
SeekingArrangement, which bills itself as a place where “the attractive meet the affluent”, was launched in the Gore Hotel in Kensington.
Founder Brandon Wade, 41, said the UK site already has 80,000 members. The US version claims a million, with 10 women to each man.
Among those at the London party were Liya Step, 22, from Tallinn, Estonia, who has been going out with a 45-year-old for six months.
Miss Step, a fashion design student at the University of Creative Arts in Roehampton, said he gave her a £1,500-a-month allowance and took her on weekly £2,500 shopping sprees.
“I’m attractive and get a lot of attention,” Miss Step said. “This is a good way for me to benefit from it. I have my own goals, maybe one day I will be a sugar mummy.
“I am saving most of the money the man gives me. I send it back to my parents in Estonia and to my grandmother.”
She added: “It’s not just about the money. I really enjoy his company. We are going to St Lucia together — there will be our own personal pool in our hotel suite.”
A 21-year-old history student at University College London said: “If I’m not having to study too hard I can go out on a lot of dates. I usually request about £400 to £600 for a date.
“It’s not awkward, I’ve met really nice men. A friend was given a £3,000 Chanel bag by her sugar daddy the other day. That was cool.”
A 42-year-old man who runs a skiing firm in France said: “I have two children but I’m separated. I don’t want anything serious, but I want a relationship. I use this service because it does what it says on the tin.
“I bought the last girl I dated a Merc, and then all the usual stuff — jewellery, shoes, money. I’d give her money if she wanted to buy anything. We’d go to my houses around the world — it worked really well because I was also a sort of mentor for her.”
But journalist Helen Croydon, 34, who used the site for more than two years before stopping, said: “The world of sugar daddies can become corrosive to the idea of real love.”
However, it could work “when two people are not looking for a 24/7 committed relationship”. She has now written a book, Sugar Daddy Diaries.
Mr Wade said: “This is not about an 80-year-old dating an 18-year-old. Our sugar daddies tend to be in their forties and on about £200,000 per year, and the average age of a sugar baby is 27.
“Most women want to be a princess and most men want to date a princess and that is why it is so successful.
“Forty per cent are students who need help with tuition fees.”
Men who use the site include bankers, entrepreneurs and chief executives. They spend an average £2,862 a year on “sugar addiction”.
Mr Wade, who is originally from Singapore and went to university in Boston, recently married a 26-year-old Ukrainian woman he met through his own site two years ago.
He said: “I was the original sugar daddy. The whole thing began because I wanted to meet women and I wasn’t very good at it. A lot of women just want to meet a man who is capable of looking after her.”


Opinion: Speed dating matches govt with vendors.

It’s been referred to as speed dating but it certainly seems to have achieved its purpose. More than 700 small to medium-sized businesses got to briefly present to 15 government departments this month at Wellington’s Michael Fowler Centre in a day entitled Meet the Buyer.
It wasn’t just about pitching their wares. There were plenty of things to be learned about the way to deal with government agencies, each of whom typically fielded two representatives who were essentially acting as conduits back to the agency and marrying providers up with the appropriate people within their agencies.
There were also a series of briefing sessions during the day on how to do business with government.
ICT vendors were just one of a group of industry sectors which took the opportunity. They first had to register, outlining their capabilities and which agencies they’d like to meet. The agencies then chose those which were appropriate, and formal invitations were issued.
Around two-thirds of those who applied were successful in getting at least one meeting scheduled.
Each got to meet for 15 minutes, followed by a five-minute transition period before the next meeting.
“It was really innovative,” says one ICT vendor. “It avoided a lot of hit and miss getting to the right people.
“They’re trying to get suppliers to engage much earlier in the procurement process. That’s really good for smaller businesses, which otherwise might be inclined to walk away from tenders when they see the big players responding.
“If this results in only one in 10 doing better business, it is justified. Not to mention the public relations value for the government.”
Several other attendees spoken to by Computerworld had similar views.
“They’re opening the door to innovation,” said one.
It’s likely now that attendees will be surveyed as to the success of the day. The Ministry of Economic Development’s manager of government contracts, John Ivil, has been quoted elsewhere as saying the event could become an annual one, depending on demand, and perhaps be held in a different centre each year.
With all-of-government and syndicated agreements progressively being put in place, the face of procurement is changing. It certainly seems to be providing an opportunity for smaller companies.
That should be good news for those who have developed home-grown, innovative technologies, which may now be duly considered, rather than departments defaulting to the often over-expensive offerings from the multinationals.
This should also go some way to addressing the concerns of NZ Rise, the non-profit incorporated society formed by a group of New Zealand IT company business leaders with the aim of improving the global competiveness of the New Zealand IT industry.
NZ Rise has been particularly concerned about the cost of government and local body tender processes, in particular how request for proposals discriminate against New Zealand companies.
Meet the Buyer will hopefully avoid the process of responding to Expressions of Interest or Requests for Information before an RFP is issued. Often the EOI or RFI becomes a fishing expedition that requires nearly as much work to respond to as it can take to respond to an RFP.

Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth dating again?

Jennie Garth is reportedly dating HGTV star Antonio Ballatore.The mother-of-three split from Twilight actor Peter Facinelli earlier this year but Us Weekly claims she may have already rebounded with the Designer Star cast member.The 40-year-old Beverly Hills 90210 actress was apparently seen having a romantic dinner with Antonio at First Food and Bar at the Palazzo in Las Vegas recently.An eyewitness said the pair were “flirty and very touchy” as they enjoyed their meal and they have been flirty on Twitter too.”Saw a show today called ‘The Antonio Treatment,'” Jennie wrote on the social networking site. “I think I need that.””On my way! 😉 xo,” Antonio replied coyly.Peter filed divorce papers in March citing “irreconcilable differences” while Jennie called the split “unfortunate.”She is currently starring in her own reality show, Little Bit Country, which has cameras following her around as she picks up the pieces of her life on her farm in California.

Dating game

Still too expensive?
In the wake of pronouncements from GMA Network, Inc. officials that they will sell the network for P100 billion, businessman Manuel V. Pangilinan said he is still interested in the station. But he quipped that the price “is too expensive.” And how does GMA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Felipe L. Gozon view his company these days? For him, the network is like a lady who has reached her “maturity” and could now be entrusted to “suitors.” Asked if he was ready to let go of a company, which under his chairmanship displaced its rival at the top in the ratings game, Mr. Gozon replied: “There is nothing permanent in this life. Even your children, you let them go when they reach the period of maturity, right?” He likened GMA to a lady with multiple suitors. “GMA is very attractive and that is not only to [Mr. Pangilinan]. When you are a beautiful lady, you will have a lot suitors.”

Under the microscope
The 82 multi-million dollar accounts allegedly held by Chief Justice Renato C. Corona could have a tax implication, Bureau of Internal Revenue Commissioner (BIR) Kim S. Jacinto-Henares said. “It’s not so much the final withholding taxes because the banks already collect those,” she explained. “But those dollar accounts are assets. And for you to acquire an asset, you must have had the income for that. That income should be subject to income taxes.” Mr. Corona’s bank accounts supposedly had a “transactional balance” of as much as $12 million. This is not the first time in the ongoing impeachment trial that the BIR has found issue with Mr. Corona’s taxes. In January, Ms. Henares testified against the head magistrate and his family’s income tax returns. She pointed out several discrepancies, particularly the “minimal” incomes declared against the assets they acquired and disclosed in their statement of assets, liabilities and net worth. However, when asked whether the BIR would do anything about the dollar accounts, Ms. Henares kept mum. “Anything involving investigations are strictly confidential,” she said.

Last words
Former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Cayetano W. Paderanga, Jr. could well have been giving his valedictory address at the launch the Public Management Development Program (PMDP) last week — one of his last commitments. The PMDP, which provides scholarships for senior government officials to pursue continuing education at the Development Academy of the Philippines, was one of the key initiatives under Mr. Paderanga’s two-year stint as National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) director-general. As he addressed his colleagues at the launch, Mr. Paderanga explained that his doctors advised him to take a break from work, given his high blood pressure. The NEDA chief initially wanted to continue on. “The people are my boss. But, I have another boss at home,” he joked. “My wife told me, ‘Give me a few more years with you. Don’t you surprise me yet’.” Mr. Paderanga is set to fly out to Japan to rest, but he intends to return to his post as a professor in the University of the Philippines School of Economics (UPSE) afterwards. Mr. Paderanga, who specializes in urban and regional economics, public economics and development economics, will likely be back in the state university by the second semester. He also endorsed his replacement, UPSE Dean Arsenio M. Balisacan, to his colleagues. “Please be nice to him. Like most of us, he sacrificed a lot to take this position,” Mr. Paderanga said.

Life goes on
While Chief Justice Renato C. Corona will be busy fighting for survival at the Senate impeachment court, Justice Secretary Leila M. de Lima, who sat as witness in that historic trial, will be busy fighting her own battle — in a volleyball court. The Cabinet official said during the department’s flag ceremony on Monday that she would miss a part of the impeachment trial when Mr. Corona takes the witness stand since she will be playing at the volleyball championship game in the Justice department’s sports fest that ends this week.

Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews dating Tony Romo’s brother-in-law, Chace Crawford.

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews is dating “Gossip Girl” actor Chace Crawford, US Weekly is reporting.
Andrews and Crawford are “getting to know each other,” according to the report. Chace Crawford is the brother of Candice Crawford, who married Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo in 2011.
That should make sideline interviews on the Dallas Cowboys side of the field interesting for Andrews.
Now some may be wondering, “What is this doing on a sports blog?” Good question, but, aside from the fact Crawford is Romo’s brother-in-law, there is an even better sports tie-in.
Chace Crawford’s character name on “Gossip Girl” is Nate Archibald. Which is also the name of a Hall of Fame NBA player.
Erin Andrews is dating Tiny Archibald? Who would have guessed?

Long-Distance Dating

Long-Distance Dating: Yes or No?

So, you have been through the “Shopping Trolley” process, and you have done the “Parallel Dating” thing. (You may have even been dumped.) But somewhere along this process you are bound to be tempted to get involved in the unknown (or known?) wonderland of long-distance dating.For some this is a known taboo area of dating. Depending on the distance, it could be argued that it is not dating at all; hence the possible more popular term: “long-distance relationship”.Now I have rather kept with the word “dating” to fit in with the lighter side of this animal… “Relationship” suggests that you are on the road to something long-term or even marriage, and being a long-distance relationship, it would appear to be a very ominous road to travel with all of those unknowns!
Actually I would like to set a cat amongst the pigeons at this point: would it be possible that the online dating experience is better suited to long-distance lovers due to the type of discipline it demands from its subscribers? Does it breed patience and trust? Does it encourage long-term commitment and boost respect?

In all probability the answer to the questions in the above paragraph may only be accurate depending on the people involved, but let us go against the perceived reality that men cannot “keep it in their pants”, and that the modern woman is drawn to a more hedonistic reality than the previous generation was. We will pretend for a moment that all people are as honorable as they should be.I know a lady that is convinced she is to be saved from a difficult life as a single mother, and how? Answer: By a long-distance boyfriend that would eventually marry her and accept her children as if they were his own. Now class…. Can anyone see where the problems begin? Pick one:

1.  1.  He hasn’t experienced life with her children in the house over any length of time.
2.   2.  He hasn’t experienced the lady’s approach to daily discipline over any length of time.
3.   3.  She hasn’t experienced the man’s approach to being the head of the household, and his form of discipline over her children.
4.   4.  She has chosen to rely on him to supply the happiness in her life. (As in “Dumped”.)
5.   5.  He is under pressure to provide the happiness in her life, without failing, and with the added stress of her children.
6.   6.  All of the above.

No bonus points for a partially-correct answer on this one! (And I do hope that I am wrong!)What? Oh, so now you say I am cynical? I know I am, but if I must open up my book of beliefs and read a few to you, you may be surprised to find out that I’m a believer in true love, in love at first sight AND in soul-mates. I believe in the concept that allows for an infinite number of grey shades: “I love you” is not a term that moves mountains: it has an undefined weight depending on the user of the words… get over it!And moving back to those beliefs: true love and soul-mates… these are the concepts that need to be grasped before we can conclude whether long-distance dating is a worthwhile exercise. True love: have you felt it? Tell me yes and I will call you ignorant. True love is not a feeling: it cannot be felt. It is the knowledge that the other person is a part of you. It is not necessarily a “forever” thing, but it could well be if preserved. How can we preserve it? That could require a book, not this article.
Soul-mates: Briefly; the concept that two people have a shared destiny: that they will feel each other’s pains and live each other’s triumphs; their thought patterns are parallel and their bodies come together as one. Of course these are ideals that we all wish for, but the chance that you would ever detect the other if you walked past them in the street is just too miniscule to imagine, and if we did we would have experienced “love at first sight”: a very uncommon occurrence! We could search for a lifetime and not find a soul-mate (although I’m convinced there is not only one such mate per person);So with these concepts in hand, and remembering that we are now in a world full of ideal people, let us move back to the animal that is long-distance dating. Could it work? Should it work? Would it work? I contend that with enough long-distance communication, it is possible to better detect the probability of a future “true love” and of a “soul-mate”…. Less physical interaction to cloud the logic… so to answer those three questions in order:  yes, yes, and…. erm… who knows?

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson: My Boyfriend is Ruining My Creativity.
Kelly Clarkson is known for empowering breakup songs like “Since U Been Gone,” but now that she’s happily in a relationship, the pop star is struggling to find her edge.
“It is killing me,” Clarkson told PEOPLE while doing press for ABC’s upcoming singing competition show Duets. “I’m trying to write a tough song and it is coming out like butterflies and rainbows.”
Clarkson, 30, says she has been dating Nashville-based talent manager Brandon Blackstock, 35, since late 2011.
“It is ruining my creativity,” she joked of the relationship that she publicly announced in early March. “I’m writing all this happy [stuff].”
Blackstock is the son of Narvel Blackstock, Clarkson’s manager of five years, and the stepson of Clarkson’s “Because of You” duet partner Reba McEntire.
“People used to ask, ‘Why are you single?’ and I’d say, ‘It is not in my schedule,’ ” Clarkson told reporters. “I’m in a relationship right now and I have time for it. I never used to.”
Clarkson’s next single off her fifth album, Stronger, will be “Darkside” but her happy love life is making it difficult to tap in to her own darkness.
“People are going to be, like, ‘What the hell happened to you,’ ” she said of her recent writing sessions. “It has been really difficult. I love it. It’s an awesome problem to have.”


Dating websites get inventive with games, apps.

Nearly two decades since the start of online dating, the match-making sites that launched millions of relationships are spicing things up with online games and going high tech and offline to produce more happy ever afters.
Games, apps and offline events are beginning to replace the ritual exchange of online messages, the basic tenet of online dating, and to blur the distinction between on-and-offline dating., which boasts more than 1.7 million paid subscribers, has taken cues from the USD 74 billion global video gaming industry by creating short dual-player games to help people express themselves better online.
A game called Food Critic prompts members to answer food-related questions, while Romance Rip-Off is designed for two players to create a love story together. During the game players can instant message each other to discuss their answers, which believes promotes a more natural way of interacting.
“I don’t think there’s anything that’s quite like this,” said Mandy Ginsberg, the president of, which started in 1995.
Online dating has come a long way in the past 20 years. More than 40% of online daters, nearly seven million adults, have dated people they met online, and 17% of them entered a long-term relationship or married their online partner, according to 2006 report by the Pew Research Center.
Brian Schechter, co-founder and co-CEO of HowABoutWe, said his company has been going offline to play Cupid since it started in 2010.
“We were the originators of the offline dating ethos.”
Members of HowAboutWe post the type of dates they would like, such as a hike or a bike ride, and others respond. Schechter said nearly one million dates have been posted to HowAboutWe. The site’s focus is what sets it apart, he added.
“Traditional dating sites were never focused on facilitating in-world experiences, as much as helping people express their identity online,” Schechter said.
Other websites including OkCupid and Badoo are using smartphone apps so singles can discover if there are other members nearby whom they might like to meet.
Badoo, which has more than 150 million registered users worldwide, has a mobile app called People Nearby that allows users to see anyone on Badoo who is within a three mile (4.8 kms) vicinity.
“It kind of adds that level of spontaneity that you don’t get on traditional dating sites,” said Louise Thompson, Badoo’s director of public relations. is also planning to launch local customized events for members to foster offline meetings. Groups invited to the events are matched by algorithms incorporating age, gender and interests.
The company plans to host 200 events per month across the United States by September. “I think we’re going to be the largest events company in the world, with the exception of maybe the Olympics,” Ginsberg said.
But not all dating websites are opting for meet-up apps and events. EHarmony, which relies on an in-depth questionnaire about personality traits, said its method has been a success and cites the 542 marriages a day that it claims resulted from a meeting on its website.
“We know that it works very well,” said Jeremy Verba, eHarmony’s CEO, adding that offline eHarmony events would not work with the way does its compatibility matching.
“eHarmony is focused on getting our members to meaningful offline meetings with people who are deeply compatible,” Verba said. “We are not about creating large scale happy hours.”
Despite their different approaches the aim of all dating websites is the same — getting compatible people together, offline. “Online dating is a funny kind of misnomer, because people don’t actually date online,” Ginsberg said. That part, no matter how it’s facilitated, still happens in person.