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Mr. Colangelo was inspired by digital distortions from the artist-photographer Laurent Segretier. Translated to cloth, there was a real sense of modernity and hyper-reality, especially when the neutral colors morphed into wine red. The play on textures was set against graphic lines, which included rounded shoulders and linear shapes for coats or pants. Such skills make discussions about hemlines redundant.

At the Etro show on Friday, the story was already dramatic, with a bold digital backdrop of what looked like a skeleton — with a similar pattern on a dress, the bones printed from neck to ankle, with gaps at either side for twin stretches of flesh.

The look was part of Veronica Etro’s concept of a global universe and world travelers. That brought a lot of sensible clothes: narrow, tailored pieces with a 1980s vibe. But inevitably those coats and dresses were interspersed with the house’s famous patterns, from paisley to floral prints.

Surfing the world for cultural inspiration has always been part of the Etro spirit. This show was fine, well planned but with no particular distinguishing features except the long dresses. They may not be every woman’s choice, but they are on offer.

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Most interesting

The most interesting look in the Fendi show on Thursday was a minimalist black wool coat with a left-side panel of black shaved mink and a thin belt that half-closed the garment. The fur supplied a subdued decorative touch, the two-sidedness played a trick on your eye and the coat’s shape looked modern and easy to wear.

Mr. Lagerfeld had other two-sided pieces in this vividly colored, engaging collection, as well as dresses and coats partly overlaid with shaved fur that was cut on the round and given a neon band of color. “Fashion is almost always about illusion,” he said. There were pieces that combined leather and feathery bits in a block pattern. Or were those compacted frills actually fur? Hard to say.

“You can’t tell what the fur is today,” he said. Nor could you be really sure if some of the trousers and tops were infused with a sports influence. Waistbands were finished with what looked like striped fur. Those bright pinks and blues certainly could be found on any mall rat. Silvia Fendi brought a similar, multihued madness to accessories, including fur-blocked pumps.

But maybe the most magical thing is how Mr. Lagerfeld, in spite of the noise, managed to keep on a high level of design.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles Dating Emily Atack; One Direction Concert Kicks Off Tonight in Connecticut.

A source told daily Mirror: “They’re perfect for each other, they really are. They’ve been getting to know each other and keeping things quiet but they’re close. Harry has always had a crush on her and hoped he could get it together with her and they eventually did. Everyone hopes they will become an item, but they’re both being realistic. Harry’s about to start a world tour and Emily’s working non-stop.”
Emily Atack is a 22-year-old British actress who currently stars in “Inbetweeners”. She was a contestant on “Dancing on Ice” in 2010 and has been named No 10 in FHM Magazine’s Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World. Two years ago, she had tweeted about Harry Styles before the two got together: “Does Harry from One ­Direction HAVE to be 16?! Let’s pretend he’s 18 at least! Then there would only be One ­Direction he would be going… to the bedroom!”Styles, who is only aged 18, previously spoke of how he likes his girlfriends to wear their lingerie. Rather than white or red lace, he prefers classic black. “I like my girlfriends to wear black lingerie … definitely,” he said. Styles is known to be the biggest flirt in sensational boy band group, which rocketed to fame since Simon Cowell’s X Factor series in 2010.Styles broke up with TV presenter Caroline Flack, 32, earlier this year.One Direction’s USA concert tour kicks off tonight in Connecticut.