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First business

Wearing the right dress can be the first business flirtation between an actress and designer, too. A bit like a wink across the room. In 2011, 14-year-old Hailee Steinfeld was nominated for an Oscar for True Grit. Seizing a style moment, she wore a striking fuchsia-, tangerine-, and black-striped Prada dress with a flounced hem from the spring collection to the SAG Awards that year. The chic choice paid off. Within two months, Steinfeld became the new face of Miu Miu, Prada’s edgier little-sister label. Steinfeld was just spotted front row at the Chanel couture show in Paris, so stay tuned.

Jewelers, of course, must deliver never-before-seen sparklers too. Many stylists plunder the archives of a house like Cartier or Van Cleef & Arpels for statement pieces with heritage and vintage caché. “Finding the new unseen look and style in a piece of jewelry is also in top demand”, says Beverly Hills jeweler Martin Katz, who outfitted Jodie Foster, Sally Field, and Helen Hunt with lush diamond bracelets and bold earrings at this year’s Globes. “When I come up with unusual rings or bracelets that have not been seen on the red carpet before, stylists grab them immediately”.


All eyes will certainly be on Best Actress nominee Jennifer Lawrence this Sunday at the 85th annual Academy Awards.

The talented star always dazzles in demure designs (usually by Dior), which are perfectly lovely. But for this incredible occasion, we’d love to see Lawrence in something a bit more sophisticated and sensational.

After careful critique of the New York Fashion Week runways, we selected this embellished design by Reem Acra for her big moment.Oscars fashion: Jessica Chastain, we found your dress!
The stunning design features a curve-hugging silhouette with a sweeping skirt made of layers of lovely tulle and netting for a dramatic effect.The sparkling beadwork adds brilliant interest to the gown, while the mesh fabrication adds an alluring hint of sexiness.

We’d love to see Lawrence with her hair soft and volumized with loose curls and swept back in a low chignon. A touch of classic red lipstick would complete this mesmerizing look.

What would you like to see Jennifer Lawrence wear to the Oscars?


Zero Dark Thirty’s Fashion Blooper.

In the Oscar-nominated film, Jessica Chastain’s character carries a Proenza Schouler PS1 bag. The problem? It first appears in the film five years before the bag even existed. We all know Jessica Chastain has great style – but who knew Maya, her nerdy CIA character in Zero Dark Thirty– was also fashion-forward?

And we mean really fashion forward: throughout the film, the feisty Maya carries a tote bag from high-fashion label Proenza Schouler, which retails for $2,350 in stores. But there’s a catch: she wears the bag as early as 2003 –and the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag was not actually released until 2008.

Chastain’s Maya is first spotted with the PS1 as she arrives at the US embassy in Pakistan around 2003. She carries it across the globe for the next five years while interrogating terrorists at CIA black-op sites in Poland and Afganistan. The bag takes its last on-screen turn as her character is caught in the unfortunate cross-fire at the September 20, 2008 attack on the Mariott Hotel in Islamabad—two months before the PS1 even launched in November 2008.

A representative for Proenza Schouler confirmed to The Daily Beast that it was in fact the PS1 bag that was featured throughout the film.

Russian Dolls

Dostoyevsky’s Russian Dolls: Calendar Girls

As I turned the channel to Lifetime’s Russian Dolls Thursday at 11:30 PM, the ghost of Dostoyevsky entered my body. As his designated spiritual medium, I transcribed his impressions of the show. These are his words.

What are women if not easily quantified by months in the year? This is the question posed in last night’s episode entitled “Calendar Girls.” But alas, life is a fickle mistress full of questions and void of answers. We are left to decide for ourselves how many layers we must peel away to fit the mold of an April or a November. Is it that one only gets 12 chances in a year or, in fact, only 12 chances in life? How is that even possible when one has 4 or 5 dolls maximum inside oneself? One can only guess, can’t one?

“Just because I didn’t open up a modeling school doesn’t mean I don’t know how to pose.”

Says buxom blonde Diana, as she gets her dolls in a row for the Brighton Beach Calendar Girl competition. When pressed for the importance of what seems a simple dress-up show of lies, Diana points out that many women meet their future husbands through this pageantry. A Russian woman must carry currency in the form of her physicality – a face rich in beauty is a ticket to a rich life. We must recognize superficiality as a great equalizer. Much like Diana has had the privilege of launching a modeling school, she may also not have had the privilege of disposable income. But given the chance, she knows how to pose.

Which for a Russian Doll is completely still.

“I know this varicose veins, it’s not the most beautiful thing about me.”

Acknowledges poor Renata. After heralding her “hotter than a 17-year old,” which this author can only presume refers to the assets on her surface and not the body temperature beneath it, Renata’s husband Boris notices her varicose veins with horror and insists she sees a doctor. She has already procured her ticket to a rich life with her rich looks, but her exposed varicose veins expose the precarious instability of her social position. To keep her husband, she cannot keep her dirty, blue, protruding secret any longer.

For a Russian Doll, this is nothing a quick paint job can’t fix.

“I’m not gonna embarrass myself.”

Says princess Anastasia, as she embarrasses herself. Trapped in a beauty salon, subjecting herself to the tortures of the hot iron and scissor blades for a contest she can’t win, the only thing left for Anastasia to do is lay her turmoil at the feet of everyone around her. Or, rather, the flat, circular surface on a Matryoshka doll where feet normally would be. Each week sees Anastasia fly into some kind of a consumptive fever of emotions, undoubtedly a sign of her internal struggle to escape from the good and evil trapping her inside of herself. She must open herself up to free her demons.

Which for a Russian Doll should be as simple as a quick untwisting.

“Girls, everybody has five minutes.”

What a dark statement from the lips of the abused salon owner. Having sustained verbal blow after blow from our tormented Anastasia, the Russian salon owner cannot help but have a bleak outlook of the world. We may have more than 300 seconds, but our time left is short. We can put make up on and take pretty pictures, but we must accept the end is nigh from the moment we are born.
Or in the case of the Russian Doll, from the moment we are first assembled.

“We’re looking for the total package.”

Explains Marina, one of the richest Russian Dolls of all and judge for the Brighton Beach Calendar Girl competition. Quite simply, they’re looking for the full year- not a February/March, not an October – December. The judges want a 365-day girl. But just as we are destined for failure in the eyes of God above, so too are these Russian Dolls attempting to scoot down a makeshift runway. Expectation is inevitable but perfection is unattainable.

Except for a Russian Doll. Who is manufactured.

But isn’t life, as we know it, manufactured? Just look at a calendar.