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Zero Dark Thirty’s Fashion Blooper.

In the Oscar-nominated film, Jessica Chastain’s character carries a Proenza Schouler PS1 bag. The problem? It first appears in the film five years before the bag even existed. We all know Jessica Chastain has great style – but who knew Maya, her nerdy CIA character in Zero Dark Thirty– was also fashion-forward?

And we mean really fashion forward: throughout the film, the feisty Maya carries a tote bag from high-fashion label Proenza Schouler, which retails for $2,350 in stores. But there’s a catch: she wears the bag as early as 2003 –and the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag was not actually released until 2008.

Chastain’s Maya is first spotted with the PS1 as she arrives at the US embassy in Pakistan around 2003. She carries it across the globe for the next five years while interrogating terrorists at CIA black-op sites in Poland and Afganistan. The bag takes its last on-screen turn as her character is caught in the unfortunate cross-fire at the September 20, 2008 attack on the Mariott Hotel in Islamabad—two months before the PS1 even launched in November 2008.

A representative for Proenza Schouler confirmed to The Daily Beast that it was in fact the PS1 bag that was featured throughout the film.

Russian women

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