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OSCARS: Red Carpet Is Fashion’s Runway.

If all roads once led to Rome, then most fashion runways now merge into the Red Carpet. For the past decade or so, celebrity stylists have cherry-picked the fashion runways for the very best frocks for their A-list clients on awards nights. In essence, you would first see a gown on Kate Moss and then on Cate Blanchett.
But more recently, the trend is for actresses to show up to the Oscars in ready-to-wear or one-of-a-kind couture gowns that haven’t yet debuted at fashion week or the European shows. In many instances, the Red Carpet is the new runway.
Case in point: The one-shoulder black-and-white column gown that Claire Danes wore to the SAG Awards came from Givenchy’s pre-fall 2013 collection.
“In an effort to trump other celebs, it’s become about wearing something that hReasn’t even been seen on the runway yet”, says Cameron Silver, a fashion expert known for his serrated wit and the author of the new style encyclopedia, Decades: A Century Of Fashion.
“The system is so out of control”. By system, Silver means the big, greasy machine in which actresses and designers make exclusivity deals.
Though no star or stylist will speak on the record about such dalliances, it’s been suggested that anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 can come sewn into the hem of a red-carpet gown worn by a nominated actress. On a less cynical note, however, stylists can’t be blamed for calling first dibs on spectacular gowns that they preview.
“The advantage to using dresses that haven’t been shown yet is that no one else has seen them”, says the powerful Hollywood stylist Elizabeth Stewart, whose clients include fashion risk-takers Blanchett and Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain. “There’s a better chance of a good dress not having been snapped up”.


Zero Dark Thirty’s Fashion Blooper.

In the Oscar-nominated film, Jessica Chastain’s character carries a Proenza Schouler PS1 bag. The problem? It first appears in the film five years before the bag even existed. We all know Jessica Chastain has great style – but who knew Maya, her nerdy CIA character in Zero Dark Thirty– was also fashion-forward?

And we mean really fashion forward: throughout the film, the feisty Maya carries a tote bag from high-fashion label Proenza Schouler, which retails for $2,350 in stores. But there’s a catch: she wears the bag as early as 2003 –and the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag was not actually released until 2008.

Chastain’s Maya is first spotted with the PS1 as she arrives at the US embassy in Pakistan around 2003. She carries it across the globe for the next five years while interrogating terrorists at CIA black-op sites in Poland and Afganistan. The bag takes its last on-screen turn as her character is caught in the unfortunate cross-fire at the September 20, 2008 attack on the Mariott Hotel in Islamabad—two months before the PS1 even launched in November 2008.

A representative for Proenza Schouler confirmed to The Daily Beast that it was in fact the PS1 bag that was featured throughout the film.

The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette: Emily Maynard begins the dating process.

And so it begins . . .
This season’s Bachelorette Emily Maynard narrowed down the field last week and on Monday night we got to see her start the dating process.
And the first date goes to . . . Ryan.
Emily says she was real nervous because Ryan is so good looking. She took him to her house and had him unload groceries and then help make cookies because she was the snack mom for her daughter Ricki’s soccer team. (Not your usual extravagant date setting as in the past, but that’s what she is is a single mom) As a protective mother, Emily had Ryan wait in the car while she dropped off the snacks – it’s too early in the process for the guys to start meeting her daughter.
It paid off for Ryan he also had a romantic dinner with Emily where they were very playful and seemed to really hit it off. He received the rose.
The next date was a group date with 13 guys where they got to do some performing with some of the Muppets (Kermit, Miss Piggy and Fuzzy were on hand) for a charity dear to Emily’s heart. Jef received the group date rose.
And the last date goes to Joe, who hops in a limo and finds Emily waiting by a private jet to whisk they away to her home state of West Virginia. Joe didn’t seem to be able to answer some of Emily’s questions, and although she really liked Joe she had to part ways with him because she just didn’t see a future with him. Emily was very emotional over this part of the process.
At the rose ceremony Emily has to send two more gents home. Kalan gets the first rose, which really upsets a lot of the guys because he’s not getting along with the house. The two guys no longer seeking Emily’s heart are Aaron and Kyle, neither of which we saw very much of during the first two shows.