Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews dating Tony Romo’s brother-in-law, Chace Crawford.

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews is dating “Gossip Girl” actor Chace Crawford, US Weekly is reporting.
Andrews and Crawford are “getting to know each other,” according to the report. Chace Crawford is the brother of Candice Crawford, who married Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo in 2011.
That should make sideline interviews on the Dallas Cowboys side of the field interesting for Andrews.
Now some may be wondering, “What is this doing on a sports blog?” Good question, but, aside from the fact Crawford is Romo’s brother-in-law, there is an even better sports tie-in.
Chace Crawford’s character name on “Gossip Girl” is Nate Archibald. Which is also the name of a Hall of Fame NBA player.
Erin Andrews is dating Tiny Archibald? Who would have guessed?

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