Who’s the Sugar Daddy? Controversial dating site comes to London…but only the rich or beautiful need apply (the rest of us aren’t so shallow).

An American dating phenomenon that matches wealthy older men with young women who want a taste of the high life has come to the capital.
SeekingArrangement, which bills itself as a place where “the attractive meet the affluent”, was launched in the Gore Hotel in Kensington.
Founder Brandon Wade, 41, said the UK site already has 80,000 members. The US version claims a million, with 10 women to each man.
Among those at the London party were Liya Step, 22, from Tallinn, Estonia, who has been going out with a 45-year-old for six months.
Miss Step, a fashion design student at the University of Creative Arts in Roehampton, said he gave her a £1,500-a-month allowance and took her on weekly £2,500 shopping sprees.
“I’m attractive and get a lot of attention,” Miss Step said. “This is a good way for me to benefit from it. I have my own goals, maybe one day I will be a sugar mummy.
“I am saving most of the money the man gives me. I send it back to my parents in Estonia and to my grandmother.”
She added: “It’s not just about the money. I really enjoy his company. We are going to St Lucia together — there will be our own personal pool in our hotel suite.”
A 21-year-old history student at University College London said: “If I’m not having to study too hard I can go out on a lot of dates. I usually request about £400 to £600 for a date.
“It’s not awkward, I’ve met really nice men. A friend was given a £3,000 Chanel bag by her sugar daddy the other day. That was cool.”
A 42-year-old man who runs a skiing firm in France said: “I have two children but I’m separated. I don’t want anything serious, but I want a relationship. I use this service because it does what it says on the tin.
“I bought the last girl I dated a Merc, and then all the usual stuff — jewellery, shoes, money. I’d give her money if she wanted to buy anything. We’d go to my houses around the world — it worked really well because I was also a sort of mentor for her.”
But journalist Helen Croydon, 34, who used the site for more than two years before stopping, said: “The world of sugar daddies can become corrosive to the idea of real love.”
However, it could work “when two people are not looking for a 24/7 committed relationship”. She has now written a book, Sugar Daddy Diaries.
Mr Wade said: “This is not about an 80-year-old dating an 18-year-old. Our sugar daddies tend to be in their forties and on about £200,000 per year, and the average age of a sugar baby is 27.
“Most women want to be a princess and most men want to date a princess and that is why it is so successful.
“Forty per cent are students who need help with tuition fees.”
Men who use the site include bankers, entrepreneurs and chief executives. They spend an average £2,862 a year on “sugar addiction”.
Mr Wade, who is originally from Singapore and went to university in Boston, recently married a 26-year-old Ukrainian woman he met through his own site two years ago.
He said: “I was the original sugar daddy. The whole thing began because I wanted to meet women and I wasn’t very good at it. A lot of women just want to meet a man who is capable of looking after her.”

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