Russian women

Best slavery, called the marriage dating to an American, begins with the marriage contract, where the set of pages describes what and how much the Russian women does not rely on marriage or after the ceremony or after the divorce is almost inevitable after several difficult years of marriage – to the teeth wall and clenched his fists. Do not save even perfect knowledge of the language. Those who have no English, are just desperate. American laws are on the guardian of the interests of American citizens (and this is right and natural, while for the Russian women who are accustomed to, that Russia’’s laws directed against them, and unusual), but it means – the laws are directed against all non-Americans, including the hapless   Russian women from Russia. One must be very loving Americans to oppose these laws for the benefit of his wife or fiancee, but it is the notion of “loving”, from our point of view, the Americans did not apply – for them to sacrifice just a stranger, as much as Tchaikovsky’’s music is alien to the deaf from birth. And yet, in defiance of all logic, among the so-called international marriages, there are a lot happier. Alternatively, such as at home: not so that everything is perfect, but overall very well.

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