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Journal of Women’s History
Author Guidelines

The editors of the Journal of Women’s History invite submission of article-length manuscripts (not exceeding 10,000 words including endnotes, 35 pages in length) accompanied by an abstract that summarizes the argument and significance of the work (not exceeding 150 words). We are interested in articles based on original empirical research as well as reflections on conceptual, theoretical, and methodological issues in women’s history. Given the Journal’s broad readership and increasingly transnational direction, we encourage consideration of the wider implications of each study. We also welcome letters to the editor in response to recent articles.

Beginning April 15, 2010, all new manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Women’s History must be submitted online at: /Peer reviewers and journal staff will also use the system for all communications regarding manuscripts. This new process will allow the Journal’s editors to streamline the submission and review processes, speed up acceptance and revision times and automatically track information regarding authors, reviewers, and Journal content. However, any resubmission of manuscripts that were originally submitted before April 15, 2010 should be sent via email to the editorial office at

Recognizing that access to the internet is not universal, the editors will accommodate those who cannot use the on-line submission process. For further instructions, please contact the editorial staff at:

Jean Quataert and Leigh Ann Wheeler, Editors
Elisa Camiscioli, Book Review Editor
Journal of Women’s History
c/o Department of History
Binghamton University, SUNY
P.O. Box 6000
Binghamton, New York 13902-6000