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Peter Andre Admits He Is Dating More Than One Woman: ‘I’m Having A Bit Of Fun’.

Peter Andre may not have found love after splitting from wife Katie Price in 2009 but he has revealed that he is definitely trying and is dating several women at once.
The ‘Mysterious Girl’ singer revealed that despite being a single dad when it comes to the ladies he is quite the lothario is enjoying having a “bit of fun”.
But don’t expect to hear wedding bells soon as Pete is refusing to commit to just one lady.
“I’m a single guy and having a bit of fun. It’s nothing serious, but I am enjoying myself,” he confessed to New Magazine.
I haven’t committed to anybody but I have been out on different dates with different people.”
When asked just how much action the reality TV star is getting, the 39 year-old decides to leave it up to our imagination but hinted that it was quite a bit.
“I’m a single guy having fun – I mean, I am a man, you know what I mean.” He joked.
Though Pete seems casual about his liaisons their maybe something more serious behind his dating habits as he claimed he “backs off” from commitment.
“I always think I’m ready, but then I think I’m trying too hard, so I back off,” he said.
“My 40th is coming up in nine months and I think I’m meant to be single until I’ve got that out the way, because I’m going to Vegas for five days of craziness.”
Pete’s ex-wife Katie and Leandro Penna are also fans of Sin City, with the busty glamour model returning from a holiday in the sun earlier this week.
But despite getting engaged to the Brazilian model the couple didn’t go for the shot gun wedding, shame!