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There’s something of a double standard at work.

Stolar says that “Dating is now presented as women fending off creepy guys searching for the one normal guy out of two dozen ‘creepy finance guys.'” And it’s true, the word “creep” gets thrown around a lot more with regard to men than women, but a lot in general, nowadays. “Here is the reality of my ‘fling’ with this girl,” he writes, “Four dates that, honestly, she kept pushing for although she was clearly looking for something strictly physical, if you know what I mean….Again, without getting into details, she has her own spreadsheet that is kept for, well… health reasons. The next time a woman hears a guy speaking crudely about an ex at a bar, something I would NEVER do, maybe they should consider that it is because of their apparent penchant for attempted public humiliation of their dates?”
Despite the ridicule and the allegations of “creepiness,” Mike says he’ll keep giving out the survey, which he generally hands out in person and not via email: “It came about mostly for fun and sort of as a way to filter out women who will never be interested in me and those who might be. I’m also terrible with women. It can’t possibly hurt the downward spiral that is my dating life,” he says. “My OKCupid now has a link to an article about it…I’m happy to see my 15 minutes of fame coming from a general unwillingness or inability to adhere to social norms.”
Mike and his former date last spoke Friday night, he says, and the two “have exchanged 61 text messages since Thursday morning when I saw [the survey] had gone semi viral. She, initially, seemed disappointed I was not upset,” he writes. “As the story grew we began exchanging texts of where we saw it last. At first I attempted to guilt her into filling the survey out… but to no avail. There was always something disingenuous about her, so that’s why I sent her the email I did along with the survey. I thought something interesting could come of it. She had previously mentioned wanting to write a book about her dating life, however her dating life sounded far too boring to do so. I have not yet addressed her assertion that I am only ‘moderately attractive.'”